How Long Does It Take to Say "I Know Playing GOLF" ?

How long to know golf? 2 sources say you never "know" golf. John Madden wrote an article that "you never get golf" and Tiger Woods has rebuilt his swing 3 times and each year says he will work hard to improve. You can learn the rules very quickly by reading the rule books and asking golf coaches about course etiquette. As far as learning the swing? I am a 2 handicap and I have played in 4 Nationwide PGA Tour monday qualifier events. I have learned alot about the golf swing and still feel like I do not even know the half of it. I practice 3 times a week and take lessons once a month, research and watch video of the swing on my PC and on youtube . Do not beat yourself up about your speed of learning. You should do a couple things to help yourself. 1:> Get lessons if you know you will play the game. To do it cheaply get into a clinic with other people. Talk to and get coaches to look at your swing and ask them to tell you what they would do to improve you before booking a lesson with them - that will give you an idea of how they coach before you pay. 2:> Start a journal on your PC or in a notebook. After your lesson and after you play or do well on the range you should write down any drills that worked, things you worked on and any relevant notes. 3:> Go step by step. Start with your setup and work your way into a good swing. Start with chipping and putting and lower your scores 4:> do not be impatient because golf is hardest on the impatient golfer. Between slow rounds on public courses to not shooting scores you want to shoot...

1. Why are tripod legs and heads sold separately? Why no 1-piece tripods? [duplicate]

There is one more point to add: Because tripod manufacturers have agreed to use a 3/8" screw for the legs head connection, one can switch as one pleases between heads and legs which allows for greater flexibility.Some people like wooden tripods - others want aluminium or carbon fibre. Then again, often the head is the most important component, hence you could buy any sturdy reasonably cheap tripod and put a very expensive head on it (say for video) if you needed it.Lastly, I do not think anybody does it, BUT you could take one tripod and two heads for different jobs with you when travelling with a luggage restriction.Asking why tripod legs and heads are sold separately is a bit like asking why music players and headphones/speakers are sold separately ;) - to accommodate the most needs with the least effort.

2. What is the power rating for a desktop computer?

1.As in, "How much power does a desktop computer use, AC wise?" Depends on what the maximum wattage rating is for the power supply in it, and what the computers used for. For example: You have desktop computer with a 300 watt power supply in it. Your particular usage is to surf the 'net, or do office/business work with it. I estimate you will only use 100 to 150 watts. That's the energy used for a 100 watt light bulb, or a 100 watt, and 50 watt light bulb. Gamin', or editing video's? Not good enough for some of the high-power graphics cards, plus the system. Better use a power supply wattage calculator. You can find them for free online

3. How do you put sound into a power piont presentation?

Unfortunately the web clips from YouTube are such that the audio and video are compressed and unable to separate the tracks (the audio and video can be dissected with a audio/video editor), but you would not be able to break out the audio from the video in Powerpoint. Powerpoint is not a sophisticated A/V (audio/video) editing program, merely a presentation program as you know. If the music from the video is a song that you could otherwise download from the internet you could import the . mp3 or . wma files into powerpoint and play it without the video. If it's unique audio, if you have a microphone, I would hook it up to your computer and put the microphone right up to your speakers and play the video, your microphone will capture the music (recording) and then you can use that file and import it into Powerpoint, While doing it this way gets you the music without the video, the audio quality wo not be as good either

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I Missed the VMA's (Video Music Awards) That Showed on MTV on August 28...?
haha. I would desire to declare that for Paris Hilton, i am no longer that shocked. i think of each and every person is used to seeing her "out-of-it". Oh nicely, atleast she grew to become into "unique" (because of fact she makes me snort) interior the VMAs.1. What is the difference between the functionality and performance of S-video and VGA?S-video is a low-quality, low-definition analog video signal from the days of old boob-tube TVs. It cannot go above 1024x768 in resolution, and all the data is jumbled together in one Chroma channel, which gives a fuzzy image. VGA is a high-quality analog signal that transmits color data in three separate channels, Red Green and Blue. And two other channels for H-sync and V-sync. MUCH higher resolution than S-video, much clearer image. To connect to an LCD HDTV, I prefer HDMI or DVI (both use the same digital video signal).2. How to use a VGA to S-Video / RCA Adaptor ?VGA to Component/Composite/S-video cables may never work, because they try to combine formats in different color spaces. VGA is RGB, everything else is Luma/Chroma. In other words, you need a color converter. The only way it may work is if your video card can output YPbPr over VGA3. If you closed your eyes when you heard Osama's video, wouldn't you think it was a Democrat candidate talking?Do not be silly sweetie! you do not need to close your eyes! OBL is a Democrat... a Commie Dem!! just like the liberals!!4. How many of you feel that Sen. Obama's campaign will always be dogged by Rev. Wright's video remarks & rants?This is a campaign killer. Put this together with Obama's own unfortunate comments about "typical white people" and the whole bitter small town thing and he's hit the campaign killer trifecta. Mostly because none of this is going to die down. Whether it's Wright doing interviews that continue to damage Obama, or McCain talking about his elitist ways, or Hillary talking about it all as his opponent, it's here to stay. Through the primary, and all through the general if he gets the nomination. If this continues to escalate and he continues trying to treat it as nothing but distractions, the super delegates are going to have more to worry about than why he can not win the Big Four Swing States. And the thing that may hurt him the most is that he and his supporters bite back by attacking the media, and Clinton, for making an issue out of it. They just do not get it. This is an issue that people are talking about at their dinner tables and in their living rooms every night. To them, these matters are not distractions, they tell them the measure of the man, they tell them something about his character that they feel needs to be discussed. I do not think he's helping the situation by trying to laugh it off, making fun of ABC, refusing any more debates, and being sarcastic. He just does not seem to get the point. People CARE about these matters, whether he wants to pretend they are distractions or not. And what the Republicans will do to him will make what they did to Kerry look like a walk in the park - and he was a war hero.5. I can't get my S video cable to work with my DVD player?Same thing happened to my sister in law, Skip the s video and switch to component. After I changed connections, everything worked great6. pc to tv help using a s-video cable?If both devices have S-Video, connect one end to the PC and the other to the TV. Turn on the S-Video on the PC and change the input on the TV. Done, and done7. Is it possible to scale an emulator's video to see more of the level?Yes you can, as you did not specify an emulator the Dolphin GC/Wii emulator is able to expand the view to be more than the original, I have 3 monitors and I have played several games in Dolphin at 5760x1080. There can be a lot of weird issues with doing this though, often developers and artists are lazy with things that are not supposed to be on the screen and the things on the outer edges will be distorted, behave strangely or simply wo not be there. These issues are somewhat common even in popular PC games.
27north Homes Will Place Residents on the Doorstep of the Great Outdoors
Nestled along Northlands Golf Course and within steps of parks, trails, mountains and rivers, 27North's one-, two-, and three-level homes provide a unique opportunity for owners to enjoy comfortable, spacious living, while making their backyard an outdoor playground.The 27 homes, which range from 894 to 1,724 square feet with patios on the front, rear and rooftops (a crucial feature, considering the grandiose surroundings), were conceived and are being built by Intergulf and Tatla Developments, which relied on local architects, engineers and interior designers to bring their vision to life.Intergulf vice-president Shaadi Faris says: "We had owned this site for a long time and waited until we knew we could add considerable value to it by bringing a different product to market. Specifically, we decided on multi-level townhouses because there's so much demand for this type of residence and yet new construction is lacking on the North Shore." While this style of home is especially appealing to first-time buyers, Intergulf and Tatla "added flat units on the ground level for downsizers," says Faris. "The style is West Coast, and the rooftop patios surrounded by the golf course, mountains and trees reinforce the uniqueness of this project." It's not surprising that a collaboration between two highly respected developers and their design teams (including interior designer Area 3) would result in a host of benefits for homeowners. For example, 27North has private parking with direct home access and air conditioning is standard in all homes, as are electric fireplaces and radiant floor heating in ensuites. "And throughout, there is more space and more height than one might expect in a residential new build," says Vanessa Miller, owner, MillerWark Real Estate Team.The kitchens were designed as social gathering spaces, with an open-concept layout (augmented by crafted cabinetry, lavish quartz countertops and islands) that facilitates hosting. The living spaces are contemporary, with nine-foot ceilings, European-inspired laminate hardwood floors and expansive triple-paned windows. As for the bathrooms, they are bright and roomy, with white quartz vanities, heated porcelain floors and floating full-length wall mirrors.Augmenting all of this are features that give homeowners peace of mind: video surveillance at vehicle entry ports; superior safety and fire protection (including monitored sprinklers and smoke detectors); low-maintenance landscaping; and individual residential storage and bike storage space.Although Faris enjoys describing 27North as "a residential project whose main amenity is the great outdoors," he adds that homeowners don't need to travel far for groceries and other necessities. "Parkgate Village, with its shops and restaurants, is just blocks away, as is the Parkgate Community Centre with its fitness facilities, arts programs and child care." Additionally, the harbour, beach and boating opportunities provided by Deep Cove are close by.Due to strong demand, 27North is breaking ground this fall with completion expected by the winter of next year. "Home sales commenced on April 8, and we invite all prospective buyers to make an appointment to visit our sales centre, where we can tour you through this fabulous development," says Miller.27North's sales centre is located at 109 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver. For more information, call 604-987-5441, email or visit
How to Connect Your Ring Video Doorbell 2 Directly to a Low Voltage Transformer (Without a Pre-exist
If you do not have an existing doorbell, it's possible to connect a Ring Doorbell 2 directly to a low voltage 8-24V AC transformer (40V maximum) at 50/60Hz. Note: Some important facts for people planning on using this optional alternate configuration for their Ring Video Doorbell 2. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 can only be connected to an AC transformer. DC is not supported. Connecting the Ring Video Doorbell 2 to an AC transformer requires some knowledge of wiring and soldering. If you are uncomfortable reading wiring diagrams, hooking up wires or soldering them in place, consult a licensed electrician for assistance or use the built-in rechargeable battery to power your Video Doorbell. Wires should be soldered onto the resistor and a wire clip can be used on the other end. In addition to the equipment included in your Ring Video Doorbell box, You will need to purchase an electronic resistor. A resistor is in place of a mechanical or electronic doorbell kit for this alternate configuration to work successfully. Do not use halogen or garden-lighting transformer. If you are looking to purchase a resistor, click here for the one available on Top 25 Best Video Doorbell Without Subscription: Reviews 2021If you are serious about protection and would like to ensure you do not unlock the door for a freak, it may be best if you add a video doorbell. But it may be a terrible challenge to locate the right best video doorbell without subscription. And we are here to help, no worry. Let's look into how to defend your house from undesirable creeps by writing our analysis of your home's best video doorbell. The easiest equipment to add is a video doorbell, whether you want to see who is ringing your door without your interference visible by opening or staring at the front curtains. You may disappear in the security net of your home and be notified at the same time with a recording device mounted. And these systems are now so sophisticated that you can search for advanced functionality such as home automation, intelligent access to other devices, and good quality videos in your building. However, such traits are distinct. But one thing is certain, without a monthly fee, you would need the best video doorbell. So, let's read and see what is your house's best commodity. We have reviewed the best for you to make your choices easier. SkyBell SH02300SL HD WiFi Video Doorbell, Silver AWARD WINNING PERFORMANCE - SkyBell HD has won numerous awards and named the Best Video Doorbell by CNET in 2016, 2017, and 2018. WORKS WITH ALEXA - use simple voice commands using your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot for more convenience. Speak of dropping the video doorbells that render it too obvious to find. The Skybell HD is amongst the most functional video doorbells we selected because of the fantastic feedback we had heard. Skybell HD video gateway looks easily like the best video gateway there. The metal body has an outstanding feeling, currently the best video door alarm in this series. It is assured not to appear it out position with its circular, lightweight nature. In addition, Skybell HD doorbell provides two models, silver and bronze. Skybell HD was much simpler to mount during our test configuration than other doorbells due to the fact that it is a wireless security system. If you really have installed the original doorbell, simply loop the wires thru the connection plate and position the doorbell. This doorbell is lazy heads with all of you. Skybell HD sits above all the others when preserving and quick access to the captured video. It saves all of the videos that it captures without any access on a server. You got that correctly, it's unregulated and open. You can access and share all of the videos taken instantly with your mobile from your doorbell camera. With a camera field to view and lens configuration which is not fisheye, your Skybell HD offers anyone who arrives at the door a really good picture. The incredibly large field of view enables you to track anything beyond the doors without really getting out of the sofa. Skybell HD has created the highest quality videos from all of the video doorbells we reviewed. Skybell HD shot 1080p full HD images which were a lot more vivid and transparent than the others. The 5x zoom provided by this camera often helps you to set the correct camera frame to render all the components easily noticeable. When it comes to nighttime video capture, the video output of Skybell HD tends to overshadow others. The decent night vision of the doorbell may be related to this. Except in our experiments, we found that the Skybell HD videos were substantially stronger than the others. Skybell HD is for you if you need information in the picture taken by your doorbell. It was a bit complicated here. We found during our experiments that the motion sensor begins a second after an individual enters the frame from further out, but when the person enters from a near distance. Maybe that should have been a little easier for optimal performance. Then again, a distinction would be impossible when you always have a ton of seconds of the film before an attacker or tourist enters the entrance. For iOS and Android, the Skybell HD application is available. It's not an uncomfortable device with deceptive functionality. It is easy, intuitive, and well organized. In the parameters, you can adjust the movement resistance, change the color of the LED, monitor your alerts, etc. The software is easy for you to get a message that you can open living views until anyone is at the entrance. You can conveniently access and share all the clips you have taken. All in all, in our view, a very smooth ride. Skybell HD deals in both optical and mechanical chimes. You also can interact with your put word settings on the smartphone. The 2-way audio of Skybell HD is one of the strongest we saw in this best video doorbell without subscription lineup without a membership. In all our checks, the sound was still really simple. Skybell HD is connected and the battery is not usable. Skybell HD needs that the Wi-Fi is enabled and operates to make it functional. Without the Internet, it wo not work. Skybell has worked in automation with nearly all the big players. It is Consistent with the environments of both Google Home and Alexa. It can be mixed to IFTTT and SmartThings as well. The simplicity with which it is embedded into every ecosystem has a tremendous benefit over most other video door locks on this list. None Best doorbell in 2016 and 2017 according to the CNET Best Mobile None If you have a digital chime, you must install a digital house phone adapter attachment Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Video Doorbell Without Subscription Installation: For much of the video doorbell, established doorbell wiring is required. But make sure they have the hardware before you order. And the Wi-Fi is essential too, since certain doorbells operate only with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi not with 5GHz. Security: Expect to spend a little extra if you want to provide double security, however you will enjoy full protection. Any decent quality video doorbells have unique characteristics to use, such as fingerprints or face recognition tests before use. The latest best video doorbell without subscription may be replaced in place of your existing doorbell. But please ensure that your house has an instinctual doorbell already. Open the doorbell and see if any wires fall out of your wall. Even so, you do not need to think about this dilemma if you purchase a rechargeable battery unit. But most versions have two options, hardwired or battery-driven. For Best Video Doorbell Without Subscription Charger Phase 1: Make sure you thoroughly charge your charger. Many versions would have a charging micro USB cord. However, some versions involve the removal of the doorbell from the wall to be loaded, while some require the packing to be loaded without removing the doorbell. Also, see how long it lasts so you can tell when it can be recharged. Phase 2: Most of the model would include an installation bracket on the wall surface or other external surfaces. Once you have securely positioned the bracket, then attach the doorbell. Try to use a locking screw to discourage anyone from robbing the doorbell. Phase 3: If the doorbell video is provided with an app, install it and set it up on all appropriate devices. Then attach your doorbell to the WiFi network of your house. Select your desired settings for functions such as movement censoring, film length and object tracking. Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Video Doorbell Without Subscription2. Troubleshooting Insufficient Power Issues with Ring Video Doorbell ProThis article will list out the most common insufficient power symptoms that people face with their Ring Video Doorbell Pro along with links to solutions. The Ring Pro is receiving insufficient power, how do I fix it? The answer depends on whether or not your Ring Pro is hooked up to an internal doorbell chime or not. If you do have an existing bell, you will need to check that your Pro Power Kit is properly installed. If you are powering your Ring Pro with a doorbell transformer, but are not using an internal doorbell, you will need to install a Pro Power Cable. Both cases are detailed below: My Ring Pro is hooked up to an existing doorbell chime If your Ring Pro is hooked up to an existing bell, you need to check and make sure that your Pro Power Kit is properly installed.3. How to Solve Power Problems with the Ring Video Doorbell ProYour Ring Video Doorbell Pro is designed to draw power from the same 16-volt AC power transformer as your internal doorbell mechanism. Problems can arise, however, when a doorbell mechanism draws so much power that there's not enough left over to power your Ring Video Doorbell Pro. This article will help you diagnose power problems and offer a solution for it as well: If you Ring Video Doorbell Pro has insufficient power, you may find that you are experiencing some of the following issues: Freezing up or shutting down during the ringtone sound after a button press. Voltage reading under Device Health steadily drops during the evening with night vision on. Regularly shutting off (the white light on the front will turn off) Ring Pro works fine for a couple of events and then stops working If this is happening and you suspect that you are having a power issue, follow these instructions: Open the Ring app and tap your Ring Doorbell to open its settings screen. Take a look at the voltage reading. If it reads "Good" or "Very Good" then your Ring doorbell is receiving sufficient power and you will have to find another cause for your issue. If the voltage reads as "Poor" or "Very Poor," then it's likely that low power is the cause of your issue. The most common fix for power issues is bypassing your doorbell with a Pro Power Kit V2. If the bypass method does not solve your power problems or you do not want to bypass your doorbell mechanism, consider upgrading your transformer. When purchasing a transformer, we recommend choosing one with at least 16 volts AC and at least 30 volt-amps (40 VA max) and 50/60Hz. Do not use a halogen or garden-lighting transformer or a DC transformer/power supply. Click here for installation instructions for a new transformer. Click here for help bypassing your internal doorbell with the Pro Power Kit V2 Finally, if you do not have an internal doorbell mechanism or your existing system is unusable, you solve power problems with the use of a Plug-in Adapter. Click here for help installing a Plug-in Adapter.
What Is the Best Video Camera for Recording Paranormal Investigations That's also Not too Expensive?
In one of my demonic possession cases i had by my assistant girl hiden cam to document the event in case some thing went bad or if the people was fake the cam was hidden between the small sheets we brought with us, we recorded one of my most ginuine and clear demonic possession cases i ever had,in the cam you will see the girl my assistant she is universtiy student intrested in such things and wanted to see in her own eyes how things works maybe to bilieve in the supernatural she was always skeptic in the vedeo you will see clearly how she nearly falled unconsiouse and you will see how the bed whom the vicitim lying next to it start shacking agressivly and we all start to shake with it the camera will start to shack as well ,befor us one priest was thier with someone i think he was psychic but the victim friend sayed he run a way, i bilieved them because i saw his cruss in the bed the poor guy didnt imagened that he will face real demonic possession, in the vedeo you will see how the body of the victim go up and down,you will hear the deep crowling breath of the victim and verry clearly you will hear the victim wich she is just 19 years old lovly girl start answering me in the most deepest and sharpe lout scary voice i ever heared, i never heared such human voice and i know it is demonic even the language was old latin, i publish it in youtube but i get baned and he video was stoped where ever i put it i get baned or attacks and people start blaming mefor thier nightmares, some american company offered me 10000 dollars to have the rights of publishing it or use it in movies or documantary but i refused the offer i didnt want to use it in that cheap way , in the end she is human and victim and i promissed her to not use it in any bad way ,the girl is now fine she was little drunk and played the spirit board and was making fun the time she was possessedWhat is the best video camera for recording paranormal investigations that's also not too expensive?1. Need a good quality, cheap digital video camera for recording live band performances & uploading to youtube???Try Aiptek..... They have cheap video cameras perfect for utube2. what is a good cheap camera for recording homemade youtube music videos?You could look into the Flip Video. They are not super expensive and the video quality is great for the cost. It's also extremely easy to use3. How do I stop my digital camera recording the zoom sound when recording video?Do not zoom while recording. It's a very poor technique anyway4. BEST PROFESSIONAL HD VIDEO CAMERA FOR RECORDING INDOOR CONCERTS/PERFORMANCES (UNDER $1300)?My definition of a "professional" HD video camera: Lens diameter of 70mm or larger; 3CCD or 3CMOS imaging chip array. Low compression video capture and storage. When you find this, you get: Separate zoom and focus rings on the lens barrel; Manual audio gain control on the outside of the camcorder; Neutral density filter setting on the outside of the camcorder... At the low end are "prosumer" units like the Sony HDR-FX1000. Low end camcorders have small lens and small imaging chip - this makes it impossible to capture good video under poor lighting conditions. Manual controls are buried in the menu and difficult to use/reach (your iPad has no manual controls). As the lens diameter gets larger and the imaging chip size increases, the low-light and poor light video capture behavior gets better and so does the price. As the manual controls migrate to the outside of the camcorder, more price increases - and add a mic jack an manual audio control... dSLRs and other still image capture devices that happen to capture video as a secondary "convenience feature" should not be used as camcorders. This does not mean they cannot capture good video - they can, but they can not be treated as a camcorder. dSLRs have known issues related to overheating when capturing video over a prolonged time; poor audio options, file size and video length limitations. Generally, dSLRs do not have "stabilization" for video (even when the lens has stabilization). Best video is captured under perfect lighting and best audio levels using low compression. That is not reality. That means we need to use equipment that works under as many adverse circumstances as possible. Use of some sort of stabilizer (other than the camcorder's optical stabilizer) is strongly recommended. Humans are not built to be steady. Use of the ground, a rock, chair, shelf, monopod, shoulder-mount - anything but handheld... If you are capturing video handheld - with a camcorder, dSLR or other video capture device, expect poor quality. Audio: The built-in mic works well with any camcorder when the audio is at an appropriate level and located in the right place. When this happens, the video framing may not be good. When the video framing is good, then the audio may not be set up correctly. The resolution to this is to use an external mic or audio recorder. This way the audio and the video are not physically depending on each other. Even if you do not choose to use an external mic or audio recorder, it is much better to have the mic jack and manual audio control (in a camcorder) when you want it - rather than want it and not have it. I would suggest you look into the Canon Legria HF S series. Decent lens diameter and imaging chip size for the price, external mic jack and manual audio gain control. Please do not compare their video quality to a $4,000 camcorder - especially under poor/indoor lighting conditions. The lesn diameter is only 58mm and single imaging chip is 1/3". Tips: Use a tripod or other steadying device. On a camcorder, use the white balance. Use an external stereo mic (Audio Technica has a decent, affordable ones) or audio recorder (like a Zoom H2) when recording music - the stereo separation is much better than mono audio. Use the manual audio gain control. Capture video under good lighting. Use the White balance settings. Capture video at highest quality. The shoulder mount cams in your price range have small 37mm lens diameter. The Canon HF S series on a shoulder mount system will be much better. And when you go with the HF S series cam, that leaves you budget for the other stuff. And we do not know if your computer needs to be upgraded to deal with the AVCHD compressed video.
How Can a Beginner Learn How to Make Animated Video Clips to Upload Onto YouTube?
Hello,Very impressed by what Logan Nickleson created using Keynote! If you are looking for more than what presentation platforms offer, a DIY video platform would be a great solution.GoAnimate (Make Business Videos | Animated Video Production |, offers a wealth of information and webinars for beginners in the Getting Started Guide. It does not take long to learn.1. How do channels like Fandango Movieclips and Flashback FM upload movie clips and monetise them without getting copyright striked?A2AbyQHow do channels like Fandango Movieclips and Flashback FM upload movie clips and monetise them without getting copyright striked?That's a reasonable question since it doesn't seem obvious to individuals who may have done similar things and gotten smacked down by Youtube or other platforms for copyright infringement and had the content removed and perhaps been suspended for a while. At this point, the usual hew and cry is "But, but, THEY'RE doing it!"On the surface, that seems plausible. But the reality is that IP Rights are protected by licensing. Companies (as you mentioned) or individuals PAY for the rights to use parts or the entirety of a particular work or catalog of works in what can be nearly unlimited ways in virtual perpetuity or only one single way and one time, depending on the terms of the agreed-upon and paid contract.Fandango and Flashback, et al, do exactly that: They pay to play. When a performer adds a cover song to her stage act, she PAYS to PLAY to the original artist or publisher. One of the reasons MST3K was possible to do so cheaply was that it is based on movies (mostly) which are so bad that they cannot demand much in the way of clearance fees, making the show cheap to produce, which is why it looks so cheap... because it IS. This (old) great idea could have been halted in the creator's living room as a parlor/party entertainment gag without paying for licensing. Instead, the small investment allowed for the creation of an income-producing new product built around the old one, for which the rights were paid to do exactly that. As companies (and individual up-n-coming artists) pay for their content, often through catalog clearing houses that give them access to bajillions of songs worth of sound and video or nearly as many movies worth, they have meta-tagging on all their content automagically attached to display to Youtube or whomever their licensing statuses. Some platforms will simply want the owner of such channels to file copies of all their paid licenses and they'll be on white-lists that prevent copyrights strikes for the covered covered IP under those licenses.This does NOT mean that if such a poster uploads IP content to which they have NO rights they cannot be reported, but if you pay for a license, you're best off displaying that while your licensed content is playing, pretty well disabusing people of reporting you. Clearly, if you display a "licensing fee paid" badge of some sort and have NOT done, you will be in considered to be intentionally in violation of terms, rules and rights and in much greater jeopardy than someone who might get away with "I didn't know that was necessary or even possible" as a defense.You can likely rest assured that the operations like those you mentioned have paid for the rights to use the content they post. There are people and companies paid well to ferret out those who do NOT pay for rights and go after them. I'd imagine that going after a big operation making that mistake would be a bigger payday for them than going after a 14yo kid at home. The bigger you are, the more you're scrutinized, right?LEGAL & MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: I am a Minister, NOT a Lawyer or Doctor. I spend lots of time exploring various areas of law, medicine and healthcare among other interests. I post personal, practical advice, not practice of law or medicine, based on experience and knowledge, some anecdotal, from a broad education, long experience, and good old common sense, ethics and morals.How do channels like Fandango Movieclips and Flashback FM upload movie clips and monetise them without getting copyright striked?2. i'm looking for cute video clips of boyfriends and girlfriends to make a music video with?youtubes being really strict... they might remove it if you post it3. How do they simulate getting hit with a bat in movies/ clips; what do they use?They use plastic bats instead. Watch "Casino", for example - the scene where Joe Peschi and his brother Dominick are murdered by their gang in the Vegas desert. You can clearly see the "bat" bend when they smack them with it...and you can tell it's not really metal at all. It's an optical illusion at best, but I assure you they use plastic bats
Unitone Tapped to Fit Security Systems.
Leviev Boymelgreen Developers, The Brodsky Organization and Gotham Construction Company have chosen Unitone Communication Systems, Inc. for advanced security and communications systems in Manhattan multi-family residential projects totaling more than 600 units, reports Rick Delfosse, senior project manager of Unitone. The installations of Unitone systems are nearing completion at Leviev Boymelgreen Developers' 15 Broad Street, which will have 387 units; The Brodsky Organization's 4 West 21st Street, a luxury condominium with 56 units; and Gotham Construction Company's 68 Bradhurst Avenue, with 183 units. "Developers and agents realize that now, more than ever, it is essential to provide residents with the most superior protection and communication available," says Mr. Delfosse. "With advanced security features, 24/7 communications and lifestyle enhancing options, Unitone meets their demands and exceeds their expectations." Unitone's security systems are installed in buildings with and without doormen. For those without doormen, the apartment units provide automatic video surveillance from a flat-screen color LCD video monitor, including coverage from at least two camera angles. That way, when visitors enter a building, residents can see if anyone has followed them into the lobby. Unitone's more sophisticated systems for doormen buildings have an array of features that make high-rise communication more efficient for residents and staff alike. Some of these features include building-wide audio announcements in case of emergencies; remote management and messaging capabilities; on-screen messages for package delivery or maintenance alerts; and taxi/garage request for convenient transportation arrangement. Unitone's medical alert can immediately pull up a resident's medical information, such as medication needs and the doctor's name. Personal intrusion alarms have a feature called emergency duress, which allow residents to alert the doorman without the intruder's knowledge by intentionally entering an incorrect security code. The automatic call back feature for the concierge helps the front desk manage many calls at once. Additionally, the system includes integrated card access for easy entree to the gym, garage and storage facilities. The system can also be connected to smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. Most insurers provide discounts of up to 20 percent on policies for apartments with Unitone systems. "The essentials are being redefined," says Delfosse. "They now include communication and security benefits that enhance one's life because they make modern apartment living safer and more convenient."
Are There Any Official Nintendo-registered S-Video Cables for the Wii?
No, thers no official s-vid cabls 4 wii, but all them do the same thing. just choose a trusted brand and try them1. What's a video game that you want to be made?Honestly more than anything I want to see a prison game. A really well made one, have rockstar do it. The prison genre is so successful in other types of media like films, think Shawshank Redemption and Cell 211 and TV shows think Prison Break and OZ. I think if done correctly it would truly be amazing. Even think about it gets me pumped. Comeon Rockstar! :D2. Can a S-Video cable carry Audio (Sound)?s-video is only for video!3. In Jennifer Lopez's video for "If you Had my Love" what is the name of the song she uses for the break down?it extremely is no longer a undesirable translation in any admire. YHWH is JHVH in Greek. In Hebrew, Jesus is YSH. In Greek, Iesous, in Latin Iesvs. Why does Christendom proceed to prepare a undesirable transation of Jesus' call? genuine comparable difference. additionally, JWs did now no longer upload the vowels or coin Jehovah. Latin (Roman Catholics) extra beneficial the vowels far interior the previous the call Jehovah replaced into used (As Iehova as seen from the Indiana Jones action picture the suited advertising campaign with Sean Connery). an same vowels as Jehovah, indoors an same order have been used. infinite Bibles use Jehovah indoors the textual content cloth fabric. The Bible shows it extremely is the wicked who hate God's call as nicely because of actuality the servants of devil's beast gadget. Rev. sixteen:9, 13:6. God's/Jesus' servants are named for the father (Matthew 6:9, Acts 15:14, Rev. 3:12) and his son in in spite of language they use and in spite of that language's difficulty-loose spellings and pronounciations are. Christendom might desire to truly advance up as "Jesus" is not the easily call of God's Son the two. it extremely is merely the English version. Debbie4. What are the main changes in today's video games compared to the 1990s?Gaming has matured a lot since the 90s. Games like Journey, Heavy Rain, LA Noire, Braid, Mass Effect, Metal Gear, Shadow of the Colossus, Half-Life, etc. Mocap, voice acting. Overall character and story development and depth. Games have greatly improved and will continue to.5. How to connect PC to TV with the S-Video?the tv needs to be set to alt input and it needs to be on .. try rebooting with it set ryt and hooked up .. the n go into the catylyst control center in advanced and try display options and forcetv detection . .. then go to the hotkeys manager and set up "switch amongst displays"6. If i use a s-video to component cable?You can not upgrade the video from it's original form7. Since I can't upgrade my laptop's video card, why are there stores that sell mobile video cards?There do exist standards that allow one to upgrade a Laptop video card (search MXM), but the vast majority of laptops do not support these standards.Some laptops also allow you to use an external graphics card in a big ventilated housing, but even this seems like a big gimmick to me8. Will Andrew Brietbart's video be 0bama's undoing ?That would be wishful thinking. He was not able to take him down even with the Acorn scam. He worked tirelessly to smudge the President every chance he got. Truth to be told, Brietbart was just not a force at all, he was not that much well known to the public except among republicans. Heck, even the lunatic Limbaugh is more popular than him9. Best wire for video picture - component, composite, or s-video?Component fosho. It does High Definition to a certain degree (not 1080p), only 1080i. That means, it can show up to 1,080 vertical lines, and it does it in a line 1,3,5,7, go back to fill in line 2,4,6,8. scheme. I am going technical on you, sry, but yeah, if you want to watch DVD's, S-Video is enough, but Component will bring out the colors and be sharper. Do not forget, only composite carries sound as well with two audio and one video cable (your standard). HDMI carries sound, but not DVI Hope that helps, and if the technical stuff is overwhelming, sry!
Would/Do Video Game Companies Hire Civil Engineers Or Civil Engineer Technician for Level Designing?
A bridge in a game is just an image, no need to do civil calculate details to draw a bridge in a game. Except that company wants to develop a software for student building a bridge. Then your civil talent could be helpful1. Do civil engineers work with environmental?Environmental engineering is one of the specialty practices of civil engineering. The professional license to practice for both is the civil engineering PE2. What Is the Annual Income of a Civil Traffic Engineer?Designing streets and highways is just one of many responsibilities of a civil traffic engineer. With each design, he must weigh everything from government regulations to environmental implications to construction costs before taking the helm of any major transportation project. If his estimate determines it's feasible, a green light is given. But when something does not line up, it's back to the drawing board. For the amount of time it can take to work up a plan, transportation engineers - as they are more commonly called - can command a handsome salary. As of 2011, civil engineers averaged $82,710 a year. Because high salaries in certain industries can skew this number, median wage is often a better indication of a civil engineer's earnings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, half of all people in this occupation earned less than $77,990 a year. But neither figure reflects specialty. A forensics engineer, for example, is likely paid a different salary than a traffic engineer. A survey conducted by the American Society of Civil Engineers found that salaries can vary greatly based on area of specialty. In 2012, transportation engineers earn $87,850 a year - roughly $10,000 more than the median wage for the occupation as a whole. However, transportation is not the highest earning area of engineering. Those working in sanitation, for example, earn $111,652 a year, while ocean or marine engineering can bring an annual income of $169,000, the ASCE adds. As with any job, location affects salaries, and a transportation engineer is no exception. In 2010, those working in District of Columbia earned the most in the nation, averaging almost $94,000 a year. Salaries in California were a close second, averaging almost $92,000 a year. The same can also be said for transportation engineers in Texas, where salaries average at close to $88,000 a year. Those in South Dakota and Montana, however, do not fare as well, earning $64,660 and $64,420, respectively. Through 2020, civil engineers should enjoy a 19 percent employment growth, at least according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is somewhat faster that the expected job growth for all U.S. occupations - an estimated 14 percent. The brighter than average future is likely the result of aging infrastructures. As roads, bridges and highways continue to age, civil transportation engineers are needed to design and manage rebuilding projects.3. What skills do civil engineers have that can be transferred to a new career?You seem to have 18 months experience as a Civil Engineer, not 6, correct?Either way, before you make a career change, consider there are facts (my exposure to a successful civil engineer and client) that persuade me there's no need to make a career change unless you think (wrongly) civil engineering is "beneath whom you think you are".Instead, be proud of being a civil engineer. Use that education and experience in support of a variety of related paths, many of which you might learn to love. My client and now good friend. seamlessly transitioned into home building, gated community design, management of other civil engineers and project managers.Before owning his own home building enterprise, he was tapped by a nationally known home builder to be the contractor for delivering the home builder's multi-million dollar personal residential complex.Related skills you ask: Listening, planning, networking, working late, working later than anyone else, learning daily, embracing finance and customer engagement; praising others in front of owners and bosses, writing more, writing every day; archiving the good, the bad, and the ugly; getting good at wanting to speak in public; never being accused of having no vision; demonstrating you have vision; using stealth in meaningful, not flashy, community service. More on skills. See value in repetition of positive traits. Be known by surrounding yourself with employees, customers, and associates, whom you know are smarter than you are, especially in areas of your life that are not your strong suits.Skills are dandy.Results make your world go round
How Can I Create a DVD Using Video Clips From Another DVD?
how i would do it is rip with dvd decrypter then use autogk to convert to avi ...then u couild cut out the portions u want with virtualdub then use somthing to convert back to dvd mpeg and author the clips watever u have .... it can all be done for free1. How do you hang clear picture frames with clips (like those from Ikea)?Ikea Clip Frames2. How can I get clips from old recorded VHS tapes to separate files on my computer?Check out the company called Roxio, they have a lot of video/audio transfer equipment that will undoubtedly suit your needs3. Ok I really have to take issue here, how can anyone say that paper clips are better then staples?Personally I like the nude look...Not a chance I staple EVERYTHING! Check out my latest question...This outta fire some people up...lmao!4. New splits in my car front right woofer clips at high volume? amp or speaker issue?try to lower the output on the amp. It is the amp that is clipping because it doesnt have enough power. Try to lower the high pass and up the low pass5. I was watching The Daily Show this evening, and Jon Stewart showed various clips of Bush appointees saying....Boy, McClellan does not have much good to say about Bush. I just saw him the other night on T.V. but can not remember which show6. What clips needed to fasten wheel well / fender shield / fender protector on a 2002 Nissan Altima SE 3.5?I know the altima uses two or three different kinds of fasteners round headed push in fasteners and screws into plastic fender liner clips and screws at the front that thread into white nylon square expander plugs. Your best bet is order them From Nissan7. If Mohamed Ali had said this today, would Fox news and endless youtube clips have destroyed him?He was another nutter who joined the Nation of Islam8. Why do Liberals presume they are having a serious talk about Guns when they call Magazines "Clips"?DUH! People who do not support owning a weapon that can fire multiple rounds very quickly might not have the technical terminology about that weapon down pat? Gee! Shocker! That means we have to totally disregard their entire argument I guess. NOT!9. Do i have to remove the s spring to remove the c clips on my rear axle?you need to go buy the right tools for the job, if the axles will not push in, go get the tool you need that fit the job at hand10. Are the horse clips in Lord of the rings movie (When the horses runs them over) realistic? will horses...?A horse will usually try to avoid any objects (including human bodies) on the ground by jumping over them or going around them, but if it's not possible or the horse does not see the body in time (such as occurs in horse racing when a jockey goes down, especially if horses clip heels) the horse does not have time to avoid the rider, often. It's possible that the European horses who were trained as war horses (dressage training) or the original war horses used in the middle east, were trained to trample people. This would not surprise me, if it were the case. Would have to do some research (or ask my sister) about that. Probably someone else in this HR section will have more information on that subject.11. Have you seen any YouTube video clips on this tool Van Jones yet?Have not seen it, but as to what planet he is from... PERHAPS ONE WITH PROOFREADING & SPELLCHECK12. Is it possible to make changes over several clips at the same time when color correcting?As far as I know there is not a way to do a 'master' color grade that you can edit which will subsequently effect all the clips it's applied to. Best way to do it would be to copy and paste the new grade onto each clip.Typically, the way you color grade is to go through shot by shot and not move on until you are happy with how it looks and satisfied that it matches the previous shot. If you grade this way there would be no need to apply minor changes on a large scale
Tesla Model S P100D Takes on the Mercedes-AMG E63 S [Video]
We recently featured a drag race in which the Tesla Model S P100D took on some of Germany's finest. Tesla handled some fierce competitors from the likes of BMW and Audi but one of Germany's most lethal cars was not on the track — the almighty Mercedes-AMG E63 S. So Top Gear decided to pit these two beasts against on another. Could the Mercedes-AMG E63 S be a car that challenges this ludicrous competitor? Top Gear notes, "The Mercedes-AMG E63 S is a deeply, deeply fast car. I can not express that enough. It's a super saloon with astonishing reactions, phenomenal traction and epic torque from its 4.0-litre twin turbo V8. 604bhp and a vast 626lb ft of torque from 2,500-4,500rpm. That's colossal, even for a car that weighs almost two tonnes."How does that stack up against it's all-electric rival? It's reported that, "The Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous does a phenomenal job of overcoming its mass (it weighs a quarter of a tonne more than the Merc). Its twin electric motors develop 762bhp and 687lb ft, giving it a power to weight ratio of 339bhp/tonne, against the Merc's 303bhp/tonne. But there's more because of course the Tesla does not have a conventional rev band. That power is available everywhere."How does the Tesla fare throughout the race? Well, it's just "… bloody quick. The acceleration rates are interesting to analyse because the P100D goes through every increment roughly a tenth faster than the E63S… at all relevant speeds the Tesla is faster — just look at the 30-70mph figure to give you an indication of what it's like joining a motorway. The Merc makes the leap in 2. 68 seconds, but the Tesla is almost exactly half a second faster."Is Tesla's launch control impressive? Top Gear reports, "Tesla's launch control did play up. With amusing results for everyone watching as my head snapped back. That was less impressive. Gave me neck ache the following day, too — which goes to show just how hard these things go off the line."===Note: Article originally published on, by Matt PressmanSource: Top GearAre av cables needed if i have an s-video?Yes, you need AV cables ( red & white ) for audioDo I need S-Video if I use HDMI?If you already have an HDMI connection it will supply audio and video to your tv unit. You do not need an s-video to your TV from your dvd player. S-video will provide video, but since your HDMI already has it, you do not need it. It is far inferior to HDMI anyways, because it's an older analog connection. Remember some dvd player requires that you tell it which connection to use. If you unplug your S-video cable and the tv goes black, plug it back in. You will first need to go into your dvd player settings and tell it to use the HDMI connection instead of your s-video connection. Hope that did not confuse you.S VIDEO CABLE HELP I"M LOST?the cable that connects your Hp to your monitor can be used to connect your hp to the tvDo you think we should boycott the media for the Virginia Tech Tragedy for airing the killer's video?I understand your frustration, but in this case, I do not see this as sensationalism--I see it as an extremely important piece of this story. Journalism is suppposed to inform. This man did this horrible thing, and everyone wants to know why. We have video where he explains why--is not that important? You are not talking about news; you are talking about propaganda, where things are sanitized. The minute you start doing that, the truth starts getting lost. The victims are labeled victims because that's what they are. It's not a bad word and is not disrespectful toward them. I also admire Professor Librescu very much, and my local news is giving him the full and respectful coverage he deserves. (You might be interested to know that over on the religion boards, there are those who believe this brave man, who died saving his students, will not go to heaven because he is not Christian.)Making an 80's video.. need ideas!?Polyester jump suits with super loud colours, or adidas, adidas sneakers with loud colours. FAT gold chains. Have the girls wear half a can of rave hair spray (if they still make it)look up girls 8-s hairstyles and same for the boyz. And also give the girls Hoop Earrings that are like 5 inches in diameter. YOu need fanny packs Loud Loud fanny packs. have some people maybe tie their jackets around their waists like they are cool and maybe even throw in a pseudo-slater dude sitting backwards in a chair at the local cafe. Thats about all i could throw in good luck!.
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